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Survey Results and Board Decision on Zip Code 

November 8, 2020

Thank you to those who responded to the survey sent out by the Board. Here are the results of the survey:


Continue - 25 (23%)

Stop - 52 (49%)

No Opinion - 1 (1%)

No Response - 29 (27%)


Based on the responses received from the land owners, the Board has unanimously agreed to discontinue the process to request the Post Office to orchestrate a Ranch vote on the zip code. 

Timeline of Events

The Board has an obligation to represent all landowners fairly, and is governed by By-Laws that protect this principle. The process that the Board subsequently approved to decide if the Ranch would pursue this issue follows the requirements of Article IV, section 4(c)(ii) of GSR's By-Laws, so that if the issue advances to a vote, the process will be compliant. The Board has a responsibility to uphold this process and cannot allow a petition outside of the process, distribution of unverified information, or vigorous lobbying by one side or the other to disrupt it.


The GSRLA Board, at the request of many landowners over several years who wish to enhance the enjoyment and use of their property, is in the process of fact-finding regarding a potential change in zip code from Rescue, 95672, to El Dorado Hills, 95762.  This process was agreed to by the Board and has included the following:

In March 2020, an information sheet was shared with the board.  The Board voted unanimously to move forward with Zip Code voting process and let the Ranch owners vote on it. 


In early May 2020, Board initiated contact with USPS to verify that the process requirements could be met.  USPS said historically it would have been two months from application submission to USPS ballots being distributed. That is if there is no more information or process required. 

The board has not initiated the application process with USPS.  The Board has no plans to submit the application before the pending Ranch Landowner survey is reviewed by the Board.  


At the May 21, 2020 Board meeting three key concerns were voiced by Ranch members.  

1. There was a feeling the Board was "ramming it through".

2. Engage both sides to get verified facts that everyone can have before deciding. 

3. Is there sufficient level of interest to engage Ranch on this topic?

Late May 2020, Board agreed post-meeting to address #1 and #2 by implementing the following process:

- A Board member representing each side will lead a committee to make sure everyone is included.  (A "For" changing group and "Against" changing group)

- Both sides would be engaged on all decision-making information shared by Board about Zip Code change.

- Process would move slowly enough for both sides to contribute information and agree on neutrally stated facts before vote.

During the July 30, 2020 Board meeting to address issue #3 brought up in May, the President advanced the idea of a survey to ensure at least a strong minority was interested in pursuing the possibility of a zip code change.  After some decision, a proposal was made by another board member, seconded, and voted on to move forward with a survey supported by an information sheet agreed upon by both sides.  The Board would review the results and decide whether to continue with the process at that time. 


At the September 2020 Board meeting, the Board plans to finalize changes to the information sheet created by both Committees and then send out the survey to the entire Ranch.  The plan is for this to happen during the first half of October.  


The next steps will be:


- Agreement by both the "For" and "Against" committees on the content and veracity of the fact sheet

- Circulation of the fact sheet and a survey to all landowners.  Everyone will have two weeks to respond to the survey. 

- Evaluation and sharing of the results of the survey

- A Board decision on whether to move forward in the process with a vote

Email / Letter from the Board
October 9, 2020
Recently, an email chain was sent to Ranch members (excluding the Board) by a member of the against zip code change committee. This email contained a draft of the fact sheet that the For and Against committees are working on together. Although this fact sheet is under final development, it has not yet been agreed to by both committees or approved by the Board, and was sent prematurely by a non- Board member.

This Board is committed to representing all landowners in a fair and truthful process. To that end, we would like to correct the misinformation that has been brought to our attention regarding the zip code and other issues.

See document attacher here for full email from the Board

Zip Code Survey

October 22, 2020

The Zip Code Survey has been mailed to all Ranch landowners. We have sent it to the email we have on file.  For anyone without email, a paper copy will be sent through US Postal Service. Attached here is the Fact Sheet, created and agreed on by both the "For" and "Against" committees.  

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