photography by Don Van Dyke

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November 11, 2020

The following statement was read at the Annual General Landowners Meeting held on November 11, 2020.  

"The current Board has done its best to serve and represent all Ranch landowners fairly. We accepted these positions not because we had any particular agenda, but in the interest of community service to aid in the enjoyment and enhancement of our neighborhood. In return, this Board was opposed from within, as well as, vigorously opposed by a group of Ranch members who do have an agenda, and continue to use falsehoods to promote it. It would have been easier to back off in the face of this unfair and aggressive opposition, but this Board has stood steadfast to follow the proper processes to represent all of the members, and provide verified and true information to our members.  Our counsel has advised the Board that we are fully within our authority, and our processes are correct. We would expect nothing less than similar behavior from an elected Board, and we urge you to consider these expectations as you choose the next Board. Please remember that we are all neighbors and we must be mindful of how we interact and treat each other."


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