photography by Don Van Dyke

What's New....?



The new board for 2020 has been elected.  The Board members are: George Kucera, President; Susan Parker, Vice President; Jeff Tewksbury, Treasurer; Ali Bailey, Secretary; Mel Kowardy, Nate Heninger, Fred Molitor and Diane Barclay. 


MARCH 1, 2020

The Annual Assessments are due March 1, 2020.  The amount due is $625.  Invoices were mailed out at the end of November, 2019.  If you did not receive one, please contact us via and we can email one to you.  Mail the dues to:

PO Box 825

Folsom, CA 95763. 

MARCH 19, 2020


The next Board Meeting will take place on Thursday, March 19th at 7:00 pm.  It will take place at the home of Fred & Sandra Molitor.  Please refer to the Ranch Contact List for the address. 


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